A discada (pronounced Dees KAH Dah for those of you who are Hispanically challenged) is a big disc where different ingredients are mixed together and cooked.   It's kind of like a Mexican Wok.  This is my discada recipe that I have used for years.  The discs can be purchased in grocery stores that cater to the hispanic culture.  If no disc is available, I have prepared this same recipe using a large frying pan on an outdoor grill or burner.

2 pounds beef, cubed

2 pounds pork, cubed

1 pound Chorizo (Mexican Sausage)

1 pound bacon, cut into 2 inch slices

3 bunches green onions, chopped

1 bunch of cilantro, stems removed

Salt and Pepper to taste

Corn or Flour Tortillas

3-4 Jalapeno peppers (optional)

1 tablespoon vegetable oil (optional)

Place the disc on a burner over medium heat.   Make sure disc is heated completely before adding ingredients.   If your disc does not have a non-stick surface, add vegetable oil.   Add beef and pork to heated disc, stirring often.   Let meat cook for 1-2 minutes then add chorizo, bacon, onions and jalapenos (if you are using them) and continue to stir often.    Mixture is ready when beef and pork are cooked thoroughly (approximately 5-7 minutes after adding last ingredients).    About one minute before removing mixture from heat, add cilantro and season with salt and pepper to taste.   Mix thoroughly before removing from heat. 

While preparing the discada, heat tortillas on the edge of the disc until warm and soft.   Place tortillas in a covered container where they can stay warm.   Remove beef/pork mixture from disc and place in a serving dish.    Take a warm tortilla, place on a plate and add beef/pork mixture to make tacos. 

NOTE:   it is very important to stir the mixture frequently.  Otherwise, it will cook unevenly.     You can increase the spice level of this dish by adding more jalapenos and/or chorizo.  

This recipe will feed 6-8 people.