This artery-clogging beast is as deadly as it is delicious.  We strongly recommend having a defibrillator available when preparing this massive mound of heart-stopping goodness.

2 hamburger patties* (fully cooked)
A large Hamburger Bun
1 Slice of cheese (any kind)
4 Slices of Bacon
1 Slice of Ham
1 Hot Dog Frank (fully cooked)
1 Egg
1-2 Tablespoons of Cheese Sauce

Lay out bottom of hamburger bun on a sturdy plate  Toasting the buns (with a generous amount of butter, of course) helps them better support the ingredients of the burger.   Add one hamburger patty and place a slice of cheese on the patty.  Lay the four slices of bacon on top of the cheese.   Add the second hamburger patty to the stack.  Add a slice of ham.  Cut the hot dog frank lengthwise and place both halves on top of the ham.  Fry the egg (I prefer over easy) and carefully add it to the stack.   Pour the cheese sauce over the egg and complete by placing the top bun on top of all this mess. 

*you can use the Championship Chorizo Burgers if you want to add extra zing to this recipe