RING OF HONOR SALSA

One pound Tomatillos (Small Green Tomatoes)
2-4 Fresh Jalapeno Peppers*
Seasoning **

Remove the husks from the tomatillos (they sell them with husks where I buy them) and take the stems off the jalapenos. Rinse the tomatoes and jalapenos. Place in a large saucepan with enough water to boil the tomatoes and jalapenos. Boil until the tomatoes are soft and splitting open. Place the tomatoes and jalapenos into a blender and add a little bit of water (the less water, the thicker the consistency of the salsa). CAREFUL - THESE INGREDIENTS WILL BE HOT.  Blend all ingredients until liquefied. Pour contents of blender through a strainer and into a container. Season to taste.

*The number of jalapenos will determine how spicy the salsa will be.

**Season using salt, seasoning salt, etc. This recipe allows you to give your salsa its own unique taste.